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Calf Feeders

Daviesway supply the complete range of Stallion Calf Feeders, Holm & Laue Calf Feeders and suppliments.

Holm & Laue Milk Taxi

Catch the Milk Taxi for effective and fast ration mixing with capacities from 80 to 250 liters.

  • Rechargeable Battery Powered Pump and Dosing Tap

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Holm & Laue Nutri Calf Supreme

Innovative animal friendly technology which modern calf rearing requires.

An automatic calf feeder that is designed to individually feed up to 150 calves from 1 base unit and four feed stations using...

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Stallion Calf Feeders

Stallion Calf Feeders - Australia's largest range of feeding stations, from single 10 litre buckets up to 800 litre 60 teat mobile feeders.

For the complete range, click here to download our

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