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Holm & Laue Nutri Calf Supreme

Innovative animal friendly technology which modern calf rearing requires.

An automatic calf feeder that is designed to individually feed up to 150 calves from 1 base unit and four feed stations using standard NLIS Ear Tags.


  • Powdered Milk only or Powder/Whole Milk system

  • Automatic flushing and regular cleaning program

  • One base unit can operate up to 4 feed stations

  • Two mixing bowls, enables two rations to be independently mixed and fed for individual calves

  • Adjustable mixing, drinking and washing temperature

  • Flexible feeding program to suit all stages of a calves growth

  • Security valve, so calves can only drink their programmed ration

  • Station pump situated in each feed stall to ensure feed is immediately available

  • Powder storage - 50kg hopper standard

  • Additive Dispensers: Powder and Liquid - Optional

  • Anti freeze protection is STANDARD


Simple Programing:

  • Clearly arranged 4 line display

  • Easy, self explaining, question/answer style program menu

  • Automatic transponder identification

  • Clearly arranged alarm lists

  • PC and printer connection standard

Click here to download the Holm & Laue Nutri Calf Supreme pdf. H-L-NutriCalfSupreme100.pdf

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