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Calf Nutrition & Supplements

Kwik Start

Colostrum Supplement for Calves

Kwik Start is a food supplement made from bovine colostrum powder and contains whey protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Kwik Start contains ...

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Part I of a Queen of Calves Program. Use from day 1 -18 to enhance the calf's immune system.

In a recent study, undertaken by Massey University, calves of the same genetic type and birthweight, were split into two groups. ...

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Queen of Calves

Part II of a Queen of Calves Program. Develops lean growth and better udder tissue, creating a better performing cow.

Bigger calves, better cows, significantly more milk...

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Pronto For Calves

Supplies energy and restores lost electrolytes and fluids in scouring calves.

Provides calves with a higher level of acidity in their stomachs to help eliminate germs su...

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The colostrum management system.

A complete colostrum harvesting, testing, storing and feeding system to ensure the highest quality product is fed to your calves.

With around 50% of colostrum in any herd being low quality, the Col...

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