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Dairy King Auto Heat Detection


Unfortunately not all cows come up and whisper in your ear.  Heat detection is an art in itself, and in a large herd with around 70% of visual heats occurring during the night, the task is made even more difficult.

The Dairy King Moo Monitor does just – it monitors the cows all day every day.

Accurate Heat Detection is vital to achieve high submission rates & conception rates, optimal calving intervals, genetic improvement and ensure a cost effective AI program.

The Moo Monitor measures cow activity and stores information internally. Moo Monitor recorded data is downloaded wirelessly to the Moo Monitor base station for example at milking time when cows are in the yard.

The Moo Monitor Download software downloads the Moo Monitor data from the base station to the PC for analysis.

The Farm Manager uses the Moo Monitor Activity Analysis program to review, analyze and update cow fertility and activity progress through fertility cycles.

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