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Flo-Tek C.D.A. Milking Equipment


The Australian Made FLO-TEK C.D.A. (Complete Dairy Automation) system is an electronic Cluster Remover with milk yield indication and steps through to a fully integrated milking management system including NLIS compatible identification system with drafting, individual feeding control and data recording.

As your needs grow, so you can move through the stages of FLO-TEK C.D.A.

The Flo-Tek CDA system will integrate with a number of the current commercially available EID and herd management software systems.


  • 100 mm diameter ram

  • 300 mm ram travel equals 1m rope travel

  • Twin seal piston assembly

  • Oil wick for continual ram lubrication

  • Compact installation

  • All waterproof plug in connections for accurate installation and longevity

  • Extremely low maintenance

  • Connects to a filtered air system ensuring the internals of the ram and valves remain dust free

  • Comes with a unique laser cut mounting bracket for quick and accurate placement


  • Can be mounted in a convenient position

  • Display will show a range of data including cow yield and cow ID when an identification system is installed.

  • Can interact with the herd management software, draft a cow, show cow alerts

  • Can be programmed to show the data you want, e.g. milk yield, cow ID.

Bail Gates

  • A smaller version of the main ram

  • Electronically controlled from the main ram

  • Will retain a cow if she is still milking over the bridge, or has not met a programmed minimum yield.

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