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FLO-TEK ATS 5000 Auto Teat Spray System


  • Utilizes a compressed air operated pump to draw solution direct from the storage container

  • Optional second set of output nozzles for bloat oil or fly control

  • Different nozzles for varying application rates

  • Designed in conjunction with the Milk Harvesting Research Centre at Ellinbank, Victoria

  • Can be retro-fitted into most existing exit race facilities

  • Program menu accessed through touch pads on the control panel

  • Programmable timers for on time and delay time for main nozzles

  • An Australian Made product

Image 1: A typical installation with the floor unit and side skirts in place. The control module is mounted on the right hand side, with the second part of the sensor on the left hand side of the race.

Image 2: Teat sprayer in operation showing how the cross bar makes the cow step, exposing the udder.

Image 3: Teat sprayer in operation showing the twin fan sprays.

image 4: Auto teat spray control module, showing ready to spray.
The display will also show:

  • Blocked - if a sensor is blocked or out of alignment
  • Armed and Arming - as a loading sequence
  • Spraying - when the solenoids are open
  • Tank low alarm - this is available when the Liquid Level and Alarm option is installed

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