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FLO_TEK ATS 5000 Bridge Mount System

ATS 5000 Bridge Mount System

The Flo-Tek platform mounted auto teat spray system sprays cows just before they exit the rotary. The spray head is fully adjustable to suit any installation, even if claws are dropped under the platform to pass by the bridge. The solenoid valve and accumulator are mounted in the base unit. The fully programmable control unit can be mounted elsewhere. Sensors can be installed in the system to detect a cow, detect a cluster and detect a tail gate system. This way, only the cows that have finished milking will be sprayed. The compressed air teat spray pump draws the solution direct from a storage container, and delivers it to the spray head under the pressure set by the regulator.


  • Mounting system ensures it can move in relation to the platform, relation to the bridge, and the angle of spray

  • Rounded front so cords or rubberware do not become caught

Delivery and Control

  • Programmable control unit to adjust spray times to ensure consistent and accurate spraying

  • Compressed air pump provides the teat spray solution under pressure to the accumulator

  • Mounting panel shown with control panel, power supply, pump and regulator

Platform Stop System

  • Wires into platform stop switch circuit

  • Adjustable pressure plate to ensure strings / rubber does not activate system

  • If a cluster or teat cup is sitting on edge of platform as pictured, will apply enough pressure for the switch to be activated and stop the platform

  • Available without teat spray system

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