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Ambic Easidipper


Ambic EasyDipper™ System is designed to combine the coverage and accuracy of teat dipping with the speed of teat spraying to give you the best of both worlds!
The EasiDipper™ achieves 100% teat coverage, reduced chemical consumption and requires less operator skill than teat spraying.
Designed to combine the accuracy of dipping with the speed of spraying for a fast, reliable and cost effective means of pre- and post- teat sanitisation.

Key features:

  • Better teat coverage than spraying

  • Less chemical consumption than spraying

  • No more manual filling of dip cups

  • Quicker than manual dipping

  • Choice of droppers or dragline

EasiDipper™ Power Unit:

At the heart of the EasyDipper™ system is a high capacity, state of the art, vacuum driven power unit which has been specifically designed to achieve both reliability and durability over a wide range of operating conditions. It provides a steady supply of teat dip chemical – directly from the chemical container (tote or drum) to the EasiDipper™ applicators which are conveniently located in the milking parlour – just like the droppers in a conventional teat spray system.

  • Fully vacuum operated so no electricity required

  • Switches on and off automatically with the milking system

  • Pressure relief valve depressurises the system when vacuum is switched off and back-flushes chemical intake filter

  • Easy to install

  • Low maintenance

EasiDipper™ Power Units are compatible with most teat dip chemicals*. Systems fitted with special seals are available for use with chlorine dioxide and lactic acid based teat dip chemicals.

Adjustable Pressure Module

To ensure that the EasiDipper™ applicators are supplied with teat dip chemical at the appropriate flow rate the EasiDipper™ system comes with a unique adjustable pressure module in the power unit so that the chemical flow rate can be adjusted in relation to the viscosity of the teat dip chemical being used. Fast enough to fill the applicator without delay
as part of the dipping routine but without the risk of overfilling or spillage.

EasiDipper™ Applicator

The patented* EasiDipper™ applicator has been designed with similar ergonomics to those of a conventional dip cup and to provide easy access to the cow’s teats so that it can be used in a similar way to a manual dip cup – but without the hassle of forever having to refill the dip cup bottle.

The EasiDipper™ applicator also has a handy hook so that it can be conveniently ‘parked’ when not in use.
The EasiDipper™ system is a modular system and can be extended to suit a range of milking system sizes and
configurations. Handy extension kits are available to accommodate larger milking systems.

An adaptor is available to enable the EasiDipper™ Applicator to be fitted to a dragline.

*Patent Application no: 0916945.9

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