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Ambic Jetstream System


The Jetstream Automated Teat Spraying System is designed to be operated by the dairy sheds vacuum system. The spray unit consists of a variable output diaphragm pump connected to multiple spray guns to administer the teat treatment onto the cows udder. Installation is simple and takes approximately 2 hours. Technical features: The Ambic Jetstream has a high capacity diaphragm pump to ensure that pressure can be maintained when up to 5 guns are in operation, and the pressure relief module ensures that the pump cuts in only when required to maintain the correct operating pressure. This means that the pressure remains at the correct level for optimum performance regardless of the vacuum setting or the number of guns operating at the same time.

High Power Teat Spray features:

  • Fully vacuum operated so no electricity required and switches on and off with the milking machine

  • Self regulating pressure maintains constant throughput with up to 5 guns operating simultaneously

  • Easy to install

  • Low maintenance with comprehensive range of spare parts available

  • Made with the highest quality chemical resistant materials and proven components

  • Low chemical consumption for the lowest cost of use

  • Comprehensive 1 year warranty

  • Comprehensive network of dealers and distributors ensures accessories and spares are available throughout the world

  • Whatever the vacuum pump setting used, Jetstream delivers a constant throughput

  • Pressure relief valve depressurises the system when the vacuum is switched off, back flushing the chemical intake filter

  • Adjustable pressure provides the best possible solid cone spray pattern whatever the viscosity of the chemical used

  • Expandable up to 50 guns to meet the needs of even the largest herd

  • Every unit tested before shipment means you know this system will work first time.

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