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Ambic Vision Mastitis Detectors

The worlds simplest and best in line detector.

The Vision In line mastitis detector is simply a clear plastic inspection vessel with a very fine mesh gauze, which traps mastitis clots to enable easy detection and subsequent isolation of the infected cow. The In line detectors are available for standard and larger bore milk tube.


  • 100% Mastitis detection during milking

  • Does not restrict milk flow or vacuum levels during normal milking

  • Simple to install - takes only minutes

  • Superior visual spot check pinpoints the affected cow immediately

  • No messy and time consuming fore-milking

  • Reduces risk of cross infection from stripping by hand

  • Fits milk lines up to 19mm bore

  • Large bypass ensures milk flow even when screen blocked

  • Manufactured using materials, all with FDA approval

  • Comprehensive Twelve Month Warranty

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