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Wright's 256 Cow Free Stall Barn

The Wright Family operate their mixed herd farm at Allora, near Toowoomba in SE Queensland.

As with all farmers in the area, the Wright Family have to care for their dairy herd through the extremes of nature – heat, cold, wet, humidity.

To help manage these conditions, the Wright Family embarked on the project of building a free stall barn – by themselves – for their 250 cow herd. The family completed the entire fit out of the shed themselves.

The Family sourced the Artex free stall loops and Aqua Dump water troughs through Daviesway Pty Ltd, along with the Promat Pasture Mat system.  They then installed the equipment themselves.

The completed complex ensures there cows:

  • Easy access to feed and water with a centre feed alley
  • Close to the dairy
  • Protected from the elements
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