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Frankcombe Family Herringbone Project

The Frankcombe Family of Mount Hicks in Tasmania had simply outgrown their old dairy facility.

The family wanted a dairy that was quick, comfortable for the cows and operators, and could be built within their time and budget constraints. The family decided on a 20 unit double up – 20 clusters on each side for a total of 40 milking units.

The dairy now includes Dairy King end exit bailing system, providing individual cow placement, integrated entry and exit gates, and adjustability to ensure it meets the cow’s requirements.

The Dairy King bailing system is a heavy duty system including heavy wall material and an industrial compressor.

The milking machine incorporates:

  • Daviesway milking equipment
  • CDA ECO system providing milk yield, conductivity and cluster remover – sending all data to the EID system
  • Auto wash system
  • Variable speed milk pump and vacuum pump systems for power and cooling efficiency
  • Push button feed system
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