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Herringbone 28-a-side Rapid Release

Herringbone 28-a-side - DUBBO NSW
Dairy King Swiftflo Rapid Exit Stalls & Bou-Matic Milking Machine.

Double up complex
The 28 unit double up complex includes a Dairy King Swiftflo rapid exit stall system that also supports the Dairy King feed system. A custom made frame supports the Bou-Matic Cabinets that act as support rails and a manure trough for the cows, plus house the cluster remover rams and bail controls.

Basement milking machine
The plant is one of the few in Australia to have a basement milking machine. This means all the main components of the milking machine are literally under the operators feet. In this installation it includes the Bou-Matic Perfection Milk Meter, Bou-Matic electronic pulsation system and a Dairy King milk diversion line system.

Move with ease
The operators can move from the milking area to the basement with ease. All the electronic controls are mounted on the mid level for convenience.

Clusters automatically lift
The milking area incorporates comfort matting to reduce operator fatigue.  The jetters are mounted on fold away stainless steel doors for convenience.  Clusters automatically lift to be attached to the cow, and drop when the cow has finished allowing free access for teat spraying.

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