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Milking Systems

Daviesway are a market leader in the design and installation of total dairy solutions, with the widest choice of products from the World’s leading brands and backed by the best service network in the industry. We can provide fully automated Robotic milkers, computerized Herringbone and Rotary systems, including rapid exit and end exit bails, plus all stalling requirements made to order.

Our technical support and after sales service, as well as ongoing maintenance contracts provides farmers with the confidence that their business achieves maximum productivity with minimum downtime and lower operating costs.

Choose the system that suits your milking needs or talk to one of our consultants.

Choosing the right dairy system.

To meet your requirements now and into the future, you will need to consider the following:
- the number of cows you 
currently milk
- the number of cows you want to be milking in 3-5 years time
- the time you wish to spend milking your cows each day
- the number of people milking the cows
- level of equipment and automation

A 60 unit rotary dairy with an average 10 minute rotation should milk 300 cows per hour with an average production of 30 litres per cow.

A robotic system ensures maximum flexibility with full automation and cow milking capacity is only liminted by the number of robotic milking units.

All modern dairies should incorporate an office/computer room, children’s play area, toilets, shower and veterinary products and chemical storage areas to help create a healthy, safe working environment for owners and employees.

Choosing the right dairy equipment.

Daviesway offers farmers the largest choice of milking systems, stalls and bails, feed systems, automation and accessories.
The main income stream for dairy farmers is the milk they produce. Knowing that the inputs (feed, nutrients, time) are producing quality milk at the right volume to cow numbers/lactation is very important. 
We can give you all the right options to maximise your inputs.

Choosing the right equipment for your dairy is critical.
What you choose must be user friendly and reliable, robust and able to withstand the environment it operates in. We have the equipment options, the technical know-how and we listen to your requirements and expectations.

Choosing the right dairy supplier.

‘On Time - On Budget’ total installation package. 
From a bare paddock to a completely operational dairy complex ready to milk cows.

Daviesway specialise in dairy project management, design, planning, construction, turnkey and total packages.
Daviesway covers every aspect of dairy equipment, from complete computerised systems to conventional systems. No other supplier can offer you such an extensive range of products, with the best technical support, the best service and the best installers in the industry. We guarantee you a hassle-free construction and installation On Time - On Budget.

Planning your new Dairy.

Download the following brochures for information on how to plan your new dairy.

Planning your new dairy

Project management for your new dairy

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