ColoQuick – Colostrum Management System

 coloquick colostrum system 02

Because not all colostrum is created equal, there is significant untapped potential in many herds. There is a time-sensitive window to transfer passive immunity to newborn calves, by feeding the right amount of quality colostrum within the right time-frames. Farms that pay attention to this early detail reap the rewards through easier calf rearing of calves that develop into more profitable cows. ColoQuick helps achieve perfect colostrum management, by making it possible to store a consistent bank of quality on-demand frozen colostrum on-farm.

ColoQuick works by the farmer first collecting and testing colostrum. The highest quality colostrum can then be pasteurised pre-freezing in the ColoQuick unit, before being rapidly cooled to freezing in practical and convenient flat packs. When it is time to feed the colostrum, it can be thawed and warmed in the ColoQuick water bath within 20 minutes, in a process which preserves the colostrum’s powerful antibodies.

ColoQuick – Dasco Colostrum Management Australia