Store & Thaw – Colostrum Management System

 Store and Thaw 05

Store n Thaw is an award-winning innovation that allows colostrum to be rapidly tested, packaged and frozen. The thawing system also defrosts colostrum rapidly, and it can be used for pasteurisation.

The best insurance a farmer can give a newborn calf is quality colostrum as soon as possible after birth. This time-sensitive window to build immunity is vital - because it impacts not only on the calf’s health in the short-term - it also impacts on her future when she matures and joins the herd.

This design won the RABDF Livestock Machinery and Equipment Award (given to the product that delivers the most economic value to the livestock sector) at the Livestock Event held in Birmingham, in the UK.

The kit contains a colostrometer or refractometer for testing, a filling station, jug and funnel with 40 bags. It also has freezer trays, labels and a pen. A thermometer is included to check the feeding temperature. Store & Thaw Colostrum bags are multi layered with welded seams for extra strength. The wide mouth corner gland allows for quick filling and emptying. They are five litre bags which can be filled with up to four litres of colostrum (but a quicker thaw will be achieved storing two litres of colostrum per bag).

Store & Thaw - Dasco Colostrum Management Australia