Nutrition & Supplements

DASCO’s highly sought-after nutrition and supplement range includes some exclusive calf-rearing products from its specialised calf-rearing department.

One of those products is Australia’s sole dried Cow colostrum product, Kwik Start. Products include: Pronto for Calves, Kwik Start, Bloatway, K-Tol, Keta-go and Queen of Calves.

  • Fast acting, immune building, "Real Bovine Colostrum" for new borns

  • Supplies energy, restores lost electrolytes & fluids in scouring calves

  • Assists cows around calving to move smoothly into lactation

  • Super-Boosting whole milk additive – produce healthier more productive calves

  • Aids treatment of Acetonaemia (Ketosis) – Energy boost supplement

  • Preventative Bloat Drench to help control bloat in dairy cattle

Nutrition & Supplements – Dasco Dairy Products Australia