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For the working cow on the go, Keta-go supports fresh cows so they transition smoothly.

This easy-to-use oral supplement includes valuable glucose, appetite stimulants and other beneficial nutrients. It’s aimed at getting cows into a positive energy balance quickly. By including nutrients that help manage energy and liver health, Keta-go stimulates appetite, which – in turn – minimises bodyweight loss.


Key benefits – Keta-go

– Increases dry matter intake (DMI)
– Keeps herd in positive energy balance
– Assists cow’s to get back in to calf

Increase Dry Matter (DMI) intake with Diamond V

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Aids fresh cows including those with;

– Difficult births  
– Ketosis   
– Milk Fever (use in conjunction with calcium flow packs)
– Displaced Abomasum... and other fresh cows which risk reduced (DMI) and increased body weight loss.

Keta-go – Dasco Nutrition & Supplements Australia