Queen of Calves


Queen of Calves

Queen of Calves is the only company that can produce seven years of ongoing research from Massey University in New Zealand proving that calves reared on the program will produce up to 18% more milk than their counterparts by their third lactation. This product has also shortened calf-weaning times up to two weeks.


Queen of Calves Nutrition Program

How does it work?

From day 2 day add QOC STARTER to whole milk – contains over 10 billion CFU’s of beneficial bacteria, improving calf health when calves are most at risk. Feed 25 grams in 2 litres whole milk twice daily.

From week 3 to weaning add QOC FINISHER to whole milk – proven to slow down the passage of milk through the small intestine by 31%. This allows the calf to capture more of the energy and nutrients contained in its whole milk than is possible with just whole milk. Feed 200 grams in 4 litres whole milk daily.

Feeding Queen of Calves is proven to develop  more mammery tissue in the milk feeding phase which creates a BETTER MILKER FOR LIFE.

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