Swing-Over Dairy

Swing over

Swing-Over (Herringbone Dairy) – Where a centrally mounted set of clusters swing from one side of the pit and then to the second side.


The Australian Made Tech-Line (Larsen style) stalling system is designed for End Exit installations.

The system can include:

  • The bailing or cow location system
  • The stall work – or A Frame and kick / breech rail assembly
  • Entry and exit gates
  • Entry areas

Tech-Line EX1 End Exit Stall System

Tech Line Stalling End Exit

The Tech-Line E-X1 end exit stall system simply ensures that each cow has her own space to eat and stand while being milked. A relaxed cow will milk more freely, helping to make milking a more pleasant task.

The E-X1 is basically closed to cows on the platform except for the last bail, ensuring cows always walk to the first cow position. As the first cow enters, the flap gate is activated, opening the second bail position, and so on.

Feed bins and adjustable breast rail are all standard features.

The latest improvement to the system is now using a pneumatic compressed air ram on each bail rather than the traditional vacuum cylinder. A pneumatic ram ensures a positive movement every time, being able to lift the gate from between cows that are packed tightly together. This also allows the plant vacuum and reserve to be used for what should be its only purpose – providing a quick, clean and efficient milking.

In a total bailing system we also include an anti-jump bar to ensure the cow cannot jump into the feed bin which could result in damage to the bailing, feed bin or pneumatic ram and controls.

Tech-Line E-X1 Entry Gate Systems

Tech Line Entry Gate

All have wide open areas for easy cow access.

Vertical Lift – Gate Style 
This square section gate is mounted on a post, and moves vertically with the assistance of a counterweight. When the anchor chain is released the gate will travel upwards due to the counterweight. The operator then pulls the gate down behind the cow and locks the chain over one of the provided hooks.
The gate has the advantage of swinging to wrap around the back of cows and bring them into the platform.

Pendulum Style (Compressed Air Operation) – Gate Style 
The E-X1 pendulum style entry gate is driven off a compressed air ram. This provides a more positive operation due to the consistency of air pressure, and does not use vacuum that is required for a clean efficient milking. This entry gate is lifted by a simple flick of a cable that runs the length of the pit, and falls under its own weight.

Tech-Line E-X1 Exit Gate Systems

Tech Line Exit Gate 01 

The Tech-Line E-X1 Pendulum Style exit gate simply improves on what generations of farmers have known – a simple robust system is essential for day to day operation.

Manual Operation – The gate can be controlled manually off a rail running down the length of the pit and equally spaced handles.

Pneumatic – Pull Cable – The same gate can also be controlled with a compressed air ram. Using the same gate and system, this option is lifted by a simple flick of a cable that runs the length of the pit.

Tech-Line E-X1 Stall work

As part of the integrated Tech-Line bailing system, we can also supply the “stall work” system.

This will include:

  • Nibs for the edge of the pit
  • Kick rail
  • Breach rail
  • A frame assembly
  • Roof support
  • Lead in race system

Swing-Over Dairy - Daviesway Herringbone Dairy Australia