Mobile Milkers

Mobile Milker

The mobile milker or mini milker is the first step for many into machine milking. Often used for sick cows or at shows, for many it is the step up from hand milking.


The units come with all equipment:

  • Vacuum pump and motor
  • Pulsator
  • Test bucket
  • Regulator
  • All hose for connection

The Flo-Tek imilk unit is available in a number of style

For Cows

  • Single unit – able to handle 1 cow
  • Dual unit – complete with two clusters and two test buckets – two cows can be milked at once

For Sheep and Goats

  • Single unit – 1 cluster
  • Single unit – 2 clusters
    Able to milk two animals at the same time
  • Dual unit – 4 clusters
    Able to milk four animals at once with two test buckets

All pulsators, clusters and vacuum levels are set to optimise the milking performance depending on the animals being milked.

We can set the dual units up so one side is for cows and the other side for sheep or goats.

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