MAGNUM Precision Max CT SZ - Side Zipper Work Boots

magnum precision max work boots 01 

Size: 5-14 (Wheat colour)

pdfMagnum Precision Max Flyer 2019.pdf

  • Clarino Upper made from microfibre which is stronger than leather giving a longer life to your boots
  • The ion-mask™ i-shield repels water and dirt, and is resistant to stains
  • YKK ergonomically self-correcting side zip for quick donning and removal.
  • Durable, rustproof hardware
  • 300° celcius rubber outer sole protection from extremely hot objects.
  • Lightweight composite toe-cap
  • Comfort tongue technology helps to eliminate tight laces over the midfoot
  • Ergonomically designed collar reduces pressure on the achilles.
  • Fast wicking lining for moisture management & comfort
  • Ortholite Anti-Bacterial Innersole, offers instant and all day comfort
  • Agion Lining, anti-fungal, anti bacterial lining.
  • MDT, Multi Direction Tread because you don't walk in a straight line all day


Magnum Precision Max Side Zipper, Composite Toe, Waterproof Workboots - Daviesway Work Boots Australia