Best – N-Dex Nitrile Gloves

Best N Dex Nitrile Gloves

Size: S,M,L,XL

Better than latex, vinyl or poly, N-Dex Milking Gloves are made of nitrile for comfort, sensitivity and udder health. They are the most comfortable disposable glove available. These soft (powder-free) nitrile gloves resist a broad range of chemicals and provide better puncture and abrasion resistance than natural rubber. They tick all the boxes when it comes to a better fit, comfort, coolness, non-tearing, feather light, and super strong.  


  • CODE: 1360 – BEST GLOVES x 100 - SIZE SMALL (size 6-7)
  • CODE: 1361 – BEST GLOVES x 100 - SIZE MEDIUM (size 7-8)
  • CODE: 1362 – BEST GLOVES x 100 - SIZE LARGE (size 8-9)
  • CODE: 1363 – BEST GLOVES x 100 - SIZE X LARGE (size 9-10)

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