Acid Dairy Sanitiser

Eliminate is a sanitiser and acid detergent which is equally biocidal in waters of all concentrations of hardness. Eliminate contains no iodine, chlorine or quaternary (QUATS). It is suitable for re-use in acid sanitising systems and works in both hot and cold water.


  • For sanitising after hot wash of milking plant and Vat
  • Removes milk-stone and water scale residues
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Effective in cold, warm or hot water temperatures
  • Ideal for automated C.I.P. cleaning systems
  • Can be used as a pre-milking sanitiser if required
  • Non residual formulation – leave to drain in plant
  • Avoids organic separation with hard water
  • Low foaming – can be used with all air injectors
  • Avoids residues which can exist with iodine, chlorine or quaternary ammonia based products

Eliminate – Dasco Sanitising Chemicals Australia