Iodophor Teat Sanitiser Concentrate

To assist in the control of  mastitis in dairy cows and aid in preventing teat cracking.

Uddagard contains 1% iodine destroying  mastitis causing bacteria. Including glycerine  to keep the teat soft and provides a skin which retains the iodine. Used as spray or dip it is  mixed with equal parts of clean water to avoid detailed mixing instructions for milking staff.

Pack Sizes 20 Litre, 110 Litre & 200 Litre


To make a minimum of 0.5% available iodine in the final solution dilute 1 part of Uddagard to 1 part clean water. Unused mixture may be used at the next milking, provided it is not contaminated.

Additional emollient may be included to a maximum of 10%.

If washing is required for heavily soiled teats, ensure they are properly dried. Thoroughly spray or dip teats after every milking

Uddaguard – Dasco Teat Care Australia