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Increasingly cows are being partially or fully housed as producers search for greater efficiencies and cow comfort.

Free stall barns are permanent, engineered structures, in which cows are housed and fed. They may be open air, and partially or fully enclosed. The term 'freestall' refers to the bedding area (or cubicles) where cattle can lie down. Feed and cow alleys, as well as bedding areas are cleaned every day for cow comfort, health and production performance. Internal or external loafing areas may also be included in the design to give the cows more room to move around. Technology within these systems today gives farmers significant intel on their herd, in addition to being labour-saving in many situations.

Daviesway is connected to an extensive network of leading international companies when it comes to cornering the best of the best in free stall barn design and accessories. It includes bedding and robotic milking systems.

The advantages of free stall barns are well documented – they allow a significant improvement in feed utilisation, and the ability to handle hot or cold weather without compromising production and cow comfort. They also eliminate the production losses associated with travelling to and from the dairy every day in a pasture-based system. It eases pugging and pasture compaction, and preserves laneways, which typically can become tough with lots of cow traffic in miserable winter weather.

Daviesway’s highly trained team with loads of experience would welcome the chance to talk with you regarding the best options – tailored for your operation and budget.


Artex Free Stall Loops

The Artex Free Stall loop has been designed with cow comfort, durability and flexibility in mind.

The loop nestles around the cow, allowing room for her hips and shoulders when in the stall, and moving between standing and lying. The loops are available in different sizes and configurations catering for different sizes cows and beds. There is also a range of mounting hardware to suit.

The main key to the Artex free stall loop success is the size. All dimensions must be correct to allow the cow room to lunge forward when lying down, and also lunge forward when she stands up. Without these dimensions correct, loops will be damaged, mattresses will be dirty, and worst still, they will simply not be used.

Artex can also supply optional webbing straps for both shoulder bars and front bars. The webbing strap is a more flexible option that a solid pipe and a suitable deterrent for the front of the cows to stop then stepping between stalls.

Aqua Dump 1


Artex Aqua Dumps

Cool, clean water is essential for a cow’s health and productivity. The Artex Aqua Dump is a water trough with a difference.

It can be tipped, when either full or empty, so the tank can be scrubbed, the water can be refreshed, and the area around the trough cleaned.

Aqua Dump 1 Aqua Dump 2

Artex Self Locks

The advantages of using a self lock, rather than just using a feed rail are:
  • Cows have their own space to eat, and thus there is less bullying at the feed bunk
  • Cows can be locked in automatically, and then released individually. This would allow easy catching of cows for vet checks, changing herds, etc.
  • When releasing a cow, there is no chance of getting fingers caught in the system. It can also be done remotely using a long pole to ensure operators are in a safe location – either in front or behind the cow.

Artex Barn Solutions


Artex Swinging Feed Rail

Artex manufacture a Swinging Feed Rail for the front of the feed area. The rail will allow cows to gently move it out the way to have access to the feed, while at the same time not allowing them to go through / over into the feed.

Artex Swinging Feed Rail

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