BioCalf – Probiotic Calf Milk Additive

 Biocalf probiotic

Biocalf probiotic calf milk additive – Healthy calves deliver the best milk producing cows. 

Probiotics have an influential role to play on farm – improving calf health, supporting strong growth and productivity.

Daviesway is the Australian distributor for BioCalf probiotic calf milk additive. A premium quality probiotic powder – High performance, micro-encapsulated and multi-strain probiotic non-antibiotic powder milk additive.

Calves aren’t born with a full complement of gut bacteria for robust immune function. BioCalf probiotic powder promotes immunity, recovery and improves digestion. BioCalf is a non-antibiotic powder additive for milk and milk powder (milk replacer) that protects your next generation naturally.

“Farming is so intense nowadays that calves are exposed to more harmful bacteria than ever before. The traditional rates of probiotics in milk are no longer relevant in modern calf-rearing practice. That’s why we’ve included more than double the level of probiotics in BioCalf over every other current product on the Australian market.”
Dr Robyn Plunkett BVSc

  • 100% active ingredients, no carriers or fillers
  • 1000 x 1 gram doses per pack
  • Active ingredients at no less than 15.5 billion cfu/g (Colony Forming Units)

For assistance please contact our Calf Rearing Specialist or your local Daviesway/DASCO
– 1800 666 269

Calf Rearing Specialist – Daviesway/DASCO
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