Calf Feeding Equipment

Daviesway is the sole Australian company to employ a crack animal-rearing specialist team. It means new breakthroughs are balanced against tried-and-tested methods that still deserve their place in the industry by an intelligent and resourceful team. Whatever you’re aiming to achieve, it can be done from this section.

From the humble hand-held calf feeder to the biggest range (28-90-teat units) of rotary-moulded plastic calf, goat and sheep feeders in the southern hemisphere (Stallion Plastics, New Zealand) to automatic calf feeders (Holm & Laue, Germany), the scope is infinite.

Holm & Laue manufactures the sophisticated HL100 Auto Calf Feeder and also manufactures the ground-breaking, mobile stainless steel Milk Taxi, which delivers the exact amount of milk, at the exact temperature dispensed through an adjustable and automatic flow nozzle. Perfect for whole milk, it also shines when it comes to mixing milk powder. Many of its Auto Calf Feeders and Milk Taxis are being used across Australia – supported by Daviesway’s experienced in-house technicians and service staff.

Also, available from the Daviesway animal feeding range is the Antahi Trusti-Tuber and Flexi-Tuber, which embraces next-level innovation, and is acknowledged as the safest tube-feeder on the market.


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