Chlor Klenz

Heavy Duty Chlorinated Alkaline Dairy Detergent

Chlor-Klenz is a low foaming chlorinated liquid alkali detergent for protein and butterfat control and removal. It also assists in eliminating mineral reaction in hard water, and prevents dirt deposits associated with channel or dam water. Recommended for use in cleaning dairy parlours, vats and CIP systems.


  • Suitable for all water types
  • Ideal for automated C.I.P. cleaning systems
  • Maximum cleaning power at low concentrations
  • Cost effective at recommended dose rates
  • Removes protein with available chlorine present
  • Keeps fat deposit in solution
  • Removes butterfat residues
  • Low Foaming – can be used with all air injectors
  • Can be used in parlour and milk tank

Chlor-Klenz – Dasco Alkaline Dairy Cleaners Australia