Quatro Light

Quatro LIght Cool Gumboot

Quatro LIght Cool Gumboots

Size: 4-14

The Quatro Light (Cool) gumboots from Skellerup are an excellent choice for the warmer months. These non-insulated, ultra-comfortable boots are made from 100% rubber and are designed to be lightweight and fast drying.

They feature the Quatro’s superior fit and have rubber ribbing across the top of the foot for added protection. The molded sole is designed to quickly release mud and these boots also include an anti-fungal lining, ensuring they remain hygienic.

For added versatility, these knee-height gumboots come with a second external leg band, allowing you to trim them to calf height if desired. To do this, simply use a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the top of the second band.

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