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If you’re looking to control mastitis, Ambic Equipment has the solution, setting the world standard for teat-spray application systems, teat-care applicators and mastitis-detection equipment. Its product development is shaped by the reality that most mastitis outbreaks are traced back to poor dip application.

Based at Whitney, near Oxford north-west of London, Ambic Equipment is in the middle of dairy-farming country and yet close to City University. This ideal site has allowed the company to draw on both dairy-farmer feedback and the university’s technology-based support. Its initial invention of the simple Dip Cup (teat sanitiser) has evolved through to today’s Locator System for fully automated, individual cow teat-spraying in rotary dairies. Ambic is also the name behind developing the Solid Cone Spray Nozzle (acknowledging that most spray nozzles are hollow in the middle, so miss the teat end). Ambic also manufactures mastitis-detection equipment, cow-positioning equipment, sprays, nozzles and peristaltic pumps.

Daviesway supplies Ambic Equipment’s full range, from Dip Cups and Dual Chamber Dip Cups through to Non-Return Dip Cups, Dip Cup Auto-Filling Systems, Classic Teat Spray Systems, the Jet Stream 2000, and, most recently, the Locator System, Detergent Low Level Alarm & Detergent Pumps.
Ambic Equipment is part of the Skellerup group in the Daviesway dairy family.

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