Flo-Tek L02 Pulsator

Flo Tek L02 Pulsator

The Flo-Tek L02 Pulsator has been supercharged! The well-known milking performances have been improved thanks to the 50% more AirBoost!


The Flo-Tek L02 vacuum-operated pulsator operates one cluster in a 2+2 format.  Its well-known milking performance has been improved due to 50% more AirBoost. An in-built air filter requires simple maintenance only and it boasts an oversized filtering surface, giving a gentle, uniform milking with an excellent massage phase. 

FloTek L02 Pulsator Image

Numerous mounting options

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Easy to clean filter

Optional DeLaval mount adaptor

Alpha Mount Adapter

LO2 Pulsator – Daviesway Milking Equipment Australia