OptiGuard – premium anti-diarrhoeal for calves

 optiguard diarrhoea treatment calves

Daviesway DASCO has come together with Australian Probiotic Solutions to make popular OptiGuard premium anti-diarrhoeal for calves readily available through all good rural merchandise stores.

Optiguard is a premium finely milled 100% natural New Zealand zeolite (also known as an Aluminosilicate), which helps treat diarrhoea in calves. They love the taste, and it is ideal to offer adlib, because calves self-manage their intake as they need it.

It is available in single bags or by the pallet – whatever you need. 
The science behind OptiGuard?

  • OptiGuard is a premium quality 100% natural, finely milled Blue Pacific Minerals (BPM) zeolite (also known as an Aluminosilicate) that is mined and manufactured in New Zealand.
  • Natural BPM zeolites have a unique three-dimensional porous structure, allowing them to absorb and release water reversibly. The extensive internal network of pores coupled with cation exchange capacity of premium milled BPM zeolite, gives OptiGuard a very large surface area to support absorption, release cations, to help treat mild cases diarrhoea.
  • The ultra-fine particle sizes are important because they allow a larger functional surface-to-gut interface, supporting a healthy immune system, in addition to helping improve a calf’s intestinal electrolyte and water balance.

Why use OptiGuard?

  • Help treat diarrhoea.
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Helps digestion – optimising growth and making earlier weaning possible.
  • BioGro certified for organics.
  • Calves love the taste.

How to use OptiGuard?

  • Offered adlib in feed troughs – allowing calves to self-manage their intake.
    – You cannot over-feed OptiGuard.
  • Added to a calf-meal mix.
  • Ensure calves have access to plenty of fresh water

100% natural, finely milled BPM zeolite
May contain crystalline silica in a respirable form.

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