Ambic – Low Level Chemical Alarm

Ambic Low Level Chemical Alarm

This alarm can monitor up to eight drums of varying sizes and it will send a SMS message to your mobile phone when product is reaching pre-set low levels. Probes are available for 20-litre, 100-litre, 200-litre, and 1000-litre pods. It is recommended for acid for plant and vat, alkali for plant and vat, sanitiser for plant and vat (if being used) and teat spray.

The normal suggestions is to install probes in:

  • Acid for plant and vat
  • Alkali for plant and vat
  • Sanitiser for plant and vat – if being used
  • Teat spray

No more having to check the drums – the Ambic Low Level Alarm will do it for you – 24/7.

Low Level Chemical Alarm – Dasco Farm Monitoring Systems Australia