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Milkrite InterPuls Pulsators

Milkrite InterPuls has an extensive range of modern efficient pulsators to suit all dairy, goat and sheep milking applications.


The InterPuls LP30 Servo direct pulsator sets the industry standard when it comes to robust reliability. There is an extensive range of rates and ratios available on the individual circuit board, and pulsation characteristics can be tailored for any dairy. Operation is smooth and quiet due to the diaphragm-driven valves, which also helps cut milking times. These pulsators have the additional benefits of minimising energy use, vacuum consumption and vacuum fluctuations. Lowering power consumption lengthens the life of the pulsator’s components, while the servo-direct system guarantees the precise work of pulsation components. They’re also water resistant (with waterproof, quick-connect electrical connections). Repairs and replacement service takes just 10 minutes. The LE30 has the same features of the LP30, but also has a central control unit, offering almost infinite pulsator adjustment at just the push of a button.

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