Sheep & Goat Claws

goat sheep claw

This extensive range includes claws with and without shut-off, liners manufactured in silicone or rubber, and shut-off valves that can be automatic or manual. The design allows producers to tailor their cluster to meet their own individual needs.


classicgoat sheep cluster  vanguard goat sheep cluster

The Classic cluster has simple “Y” pieces to join the pulsation and milk tubes to the plant. This is a lightweight, easy-to-use system that is appropriate for both sheep and goats, with the main point of difference being the liners. The valve system at the bottom of the liner is available in several configurations, including being lockable for washing, with a simple finger operation like a normal claw’s shut-off button.

The Vanguard cluster is a more traditional claw system with options of shut-off or no shut-off included. This is a lightweight and easy-to-use system, which works for sheep and goats – again, the liner is the main point of difference.

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