Protect-E RTU

Protect E

Protect E – Ready to use (RTU) – Disinfectant Teat Dip and Spray

Protects your herd's sensitive teats from hard water and windchill – healthy, supple teats are your best defence against mastitis.

Protect-E Ready-To-Use (RTU), teat dip & spray includes well-known surgical grade sanitiser Chlorhexidine di-gluconate (which has a neutral grade pH), and double the emollients in Glycerine and Sorbitol.

  • The rapid-drying formula limits the time teats are exposed to the elements, safe-guarding against potential chapping. Perfect for wet and windy climates.
  • A great option for hyper skin-sensitivity for (both) operators and/or animals when a high UV index causes sunburn.
  • Protect-E is a colour-coded RTU for high visibility on teats.

So, when the weather is working against you, make Protect-E RTU part of your solution.

Protect-E Teat Disinfectant - Dasco Teat Care Australia