BioBoost – Probiotic Paste


Bioboost probiotic

Healthy calves deliver the best milk producing cows. 

Probiotics definitely have an influential role to play on farm – improving calf health, supporting strong growth and productivity.

Daviesway is the Australian distributor for BioBoost – Micro-encapsulated, multi-strain probiotic paste that promotes immunity, recovery and improves digestion. Rapidly absorbed, delivers powerful Probiotics and Vitamin E at elevated levels. Ideal for animals of any age that are stressed, sick or at weaning.

For assistance please contact our Calf Rearing Specialist or your local Daviesway/DASCO – 1800 666 269

BRENDAN JOHNSON Calf Rearing Specialist

Calf Rearing Specialist – Daviesway/DASCO
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