C.I.P and Bulk Tank Detergent Concentrate

AlkaForce is concentrated liquid alkaline detergent, designed to cope with all types of water at economical dose rates. Designed to work with your CIP system, AlkaForce concentrated CIP cleaner provides an excellent, uniform wash for your dairy operation. This non chlorinated cleaner is versatile and can be stored indefinitely.


  • Removes fat & protein deposits
  • Suitable for all water types
  • Ideal for automated C.I.P. cleaning systems
  • Maximum cleaning power at low concentrations
  • Cost effective at recommended dose rates
  • Excellent wetting and penetrating action
  • Completely soluble – easy to dilute & dispense
  • Low foaming – can be used with all air injectors
  • Exceptional rinsing qualities

AlkaForce - Dasco Alkaline Dairy Cleaners Australia