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Skellerup Industries has been an iconic part of New Zealand’s landscape since 1910, serving agriculture with quality rubber ware. Today, it is the world’s second-largest producer of dairy rubber ware and milk liners. If it’s dairy, Skellerup probably made it. While Skellerup is recognised globally for its profile range of handmade, natural-rubber gumboots – including what is probably the world’s most comfortable gumboot, the Quatro – it also manufactures Masport Vacuum Pumps, milk pumps, plate coolers, Blue Line Dairy rubber ware, Flo-Tek Milking Liners, Daviesway Blue Line Milk Filters and a range of dairy wash-down hoses and nozzles including Tru-Test and the Master Blaster. Its formidable range includes many other dairy-shed products too, including for calf rearing, used by almost every dairy farmer in Australasia.

The Skellerup Industries group includes several companies, including  Ambic Equipment  (UK based manufacturer of teat-care applicators and mastitis-detection equipment), Stevens Filterite  (New Zealand-based manufacturer of quality, disposable milk filters), Masport Incorporated  (USA-based manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps and equipment) ; Skellerup Rubber Services  ( NZ-based manufacturer of specialised rubber products), and  Skellerup Engineering  ( NZ-based manufacturer of vacuum pumps, plate milk coolers and centrifugal milk pumps). Based in Christchurch, New Zealand – with a staff of 200 – Skellerup’s close alliance with Daviesway spans more than four decades.