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Electro-G – hi-performance electrolyte supplement.

Supplies rapid energy and corrects dehydration.

When you’re time-poor, and you want to give your calves their best possible defence against dehydration, Electro-G is the answer... it's a wonderful rehydration solution for sick calves.

Electro-G not only mixes easily in warm water, this highly palatable, powdered electrolyte offers an immediate energy source, with alkalising levels that correct acidosis.

Electro-G is safe to be fed directly before or after milk – rather than having to wait the historic two to three hours. Why? Because Electro-G doesn’t contain sodium bicarbonate, which can inhibit the formation of casein in the abomasum.

Calves need energy and protein to maintain their weight and immune system when they are sick. So, it’s important to continue to feed milk (in a separate feed), while supporting their recovery with high-spec electrolytes.

Make sure your calves have everything they need to support their growth and development. Electro-G:

  • Supplies rapid energy
  • Corrects dehydration
  • Restores sodium levels
  • Improves protein utilisation
  • Restores intracellular potassium levels

For assistance please contact our Calf Rearing Specialist or your local Daviesway/DASCO – 1800 666 269

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Electro-G: Electrolyte supplement for sick calf, dehydrated or stressed calves – Dasco Animal Probiotics, Nutrition & Supplements Australia