Supa Klenz

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C.I.P. Heavy Duty Alkali Dairy Detergent

Supa Klenz is a low-foaming heavy duty chlorinated (sanitiser) circulation cleaner which has a caustic powder base. It can be either used daily or monthly as part of a total cleaning procedure. It can also be used as part of a heavy duty bomb treatment.


  • Suitable for all water types
  • Ideal for manual dosing cleaning systems
  • Maximum cleaning power at low concentrations
  • Cost effective at recommended dose rates
  • Can be used with air injectors
  • Can be used in parlour and milk tank
  • Chlorine boosted for “Bomb” cleaning
  • Pack Sizes 20 Kilograms, 25 Kilograms & 250 Kilograms

Supa Klenz - Dasco Alkaline Dairy Cleaners Australia