Flo-Tek – Plate Coolers

Flo Tek Plate Cooler

The Flo-Tek Standard Plate Cooler uses cool water and the heat-exchange principle to pre-cool milk before it enters the bulk tank. It is capable of cooling between 1350-4500L a hour to within 3-5 degrees Celsius of the cooling water flow.

Having twice the water-to-milk-flow is recommended to achieve the best results. All contact surfaces are stainless steel, with bonded gaskets to cooler plates that are wall mounted. Ports are 38mm. It also includes the “double-bank”, or “dual-pass” option, where the first pass uses water and the second uses a glycol mix or other refrigerated system to lower milk temperature faster. 

A stand is included so the cooler can be mounted off a wall.

Flo-Tek Plate Coolers – Daviesway Milking Equipment Australia