SuperCalf Plus – Advanced vitamin and mineral whole-milk additive


SuperCalf Plus+ is an advanced powdered WHOLE-MILK (only) additive combining industry-leading levels of micro-encapsulated probiotics, teamed with essential vitamins, minerals, Bovatec®, and Actigen®. Available in 8.5kg and 16kg pails.

  • Lays the foundation for the future growth, feed efficiency, and the ongoing health and development of your calves.
  • Active ingredients no less than 11.6 billion CFUs [Colony Forming Units] per dose.
  • Active live yeast or Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (SC) is reported to positively impact the immune system, enhance growth and performance because of increased dry matter intake. It also carries B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Contains Bovatec®.
  • Contains Actigen® – a live yeast carbohydrate.
  • Extended shelf-life.

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SuperCalf Plus – Advanced vitamin and mineral whole-milk additive, plus Probiotics, Bovatec and Actigen – Supplements Australia