Ambic – Dip Cups

ambic dip cups

AMBIC TEAT DIP CUP – StandardDipper™

Specially designed for post-milking teat disinfection, helping to control mastitis.

  • Large angled cup for easy application and maximum teat coverage
  • Specially designed splash-proof lip to overflow chamber to reduce spillage and overflow
  • Soft squeeze bottle for ease of use
  • 30ml Dip Cup capacity
  • Convenient belt hook

AMBIC TEAT DIP CUP with Non Return Valve

The Ambic Non Return DipCup™ was developed from the pioneering StandardDipper™ to become the No.1 selling Dip Cup in the world. The innovative non return design ensures clean, full strength chemical for your cows’ teats. Contaminated chemical cannot get back to the reservoir bottle.

  • Incorporates the original design features of the StandardDipper™
  • Non return design prevents contaminated chemical returning to Dip Cup bottle


ambic dip cups


The traditional Dip Cup applies teat dip by immersing the teat in chemical and coating it with teat dip. Adding the DipMizer™ device adds a ‘sweeping’ step to the dipping routine in order to remove excess chemical from the cow’s teat as it is withdrawn from the Dip Cup – saving you money on unnecessary teat dip consumption.

Removing too much teat dip can be counter-productive in that udder health could be compromised by leaving too little coating on the teat. The DipMizer™ is designed with special bristles that remove just enough chemical, but not too much, so that the teat is well protected. Always remove the DipMizer™ brush attachment at the end of milking and sanitise it in a cleaning solution to reduce the risk of contamination. Use a fresh clean brush attachment for each milking.

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