Flo-Tek – Round Liners

Milking Liner Round

Designed by Daviesway and manufactured by Skellerup in New Zealand, Flo-Tek Liners have been developed for maximum comfort and performance using the highest grade of food-quality rubber.


Flo Tek Cluster

  • Long life and gentle milking
  • Designed for high production
  • Anti-twist marks for correct assembly
  • Product range to suit 11mm & 13mm claw inlet nipple
  • A design to suit every cow
  • Improved rubber formula for efficient milking

Flo-Tek Shells

  • High grade Stainless Steel
  • Hand Polished
  • Different sizes and weights available
  • To suit Flo-Tek liners
  • Ensure your cows teats receive the best possible care by using FLO-TEK liners.

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Flo-Tek – Round Liners - Daviesway Milking Equipment Australia