Calf-Tel – Multi Max Hutch

calf tel multi max hutch

Size: 220cm(L) x 273cm(W) x 183cm(H)

The Multi Max hutches are designed to help calves transition from individual systems to sharing their home with others. It gives them security as they adjust to competition and social pressure. Ideal for four to six calves, the (220cm long x 273cm wide x 183cm) space features a large entryway for maximum ventilation, and extra hutch height so calves can enjoy them for longer. The Multi Max design includes Calf-Tel’s innovative thermoforming technology and cross ventilation techniques – keeping calves warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They include a lumber base for a stable and secure foundation. Superior ventilation is achieved through both ridge top vents, and an adjustable rear vent that gives you the option to “open a window” for great airflow.

Calf-Tel Multi Max Hutch – Daviesway Animal Housing Australia