Dairy Matting

Comfort and safety underfoot for your cows, and for you.

Concrete and cattle often don’t work well together. Concrete is responsible for a lot of cattle injuries or fatalities in slippery high-traffic areas in the dairy, holding yards, and stock yards. Rubber matting undoubtedly gives cattle greater confidence, and you piece of mind. It also virtually eliminates cows going down. And, on the rare occasions they do fall, the bounce-back rubber offers (in addition to a softer landing) makes helping them to their feet easy – with no broken skin or other associated injuries. In short, it completely takes the stress out of handling cattle on concrete. Other advantages include improved animal welfare, and less lameness. It’s easy to install maintain and clean, and it has a positive impact on meat colour and pH. It’s cost effective and eliminates the need for loose flooring. It also reduces dust which can carry Q-Fever. Rubber matting is appropriate for use in: Dairies, cattle yards, cattle trucks, cattle crushes, feedlots, sale yards, dairies and abattoirs.

Dairy Matting - Daviesway Dairy Products Australia