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Milkrite manufactures the world’s only internally moulded plastic shell and mouth-piece vented triangular liners. Its marked point of difference is pulsation pressure evenly distributed from three sides of the teat, making it gentler on teats, lowering somatic cell counts and promoting teat condition. 
The air vent – positioned in the mouthpiece at the top of each liner instead of the claw –introduces air above the milk-flow, eliminating splash-back and cross-contamination. It also makes cluster removal gentler.

Australia is fast catching the US market in terms of uptake, with 40% of US dairy farmers and five of the world’s biggest dairies using this logical technology. It is designed specifically to suit a moulded Milkrite shell, which is a quality light-weight cluster that milks cleanly, quickly and ensures less cross contamination. Milkrite also manufactures a range of liners and tubing.

In 2015 Milkrite acquired Interpuls, which manufactures a wide range of milking machine equipment including vacuum and electric pulsators, milking claws, cluster removers, vacuum regulators, milk meters and goat/sheep milking clusters and equipment.

Daviesway supplies the Interpuls pulsation system in Australia because we believe it offer the best performance.

Daviesway – Milkrite Interpuls Distributor Australia