Milking Liners & Shells

Milking liners are the sole part of the milking plant that directly contacts the cow, so it’s no surprise your decision will have a significant impact on teat-end health, dairy efficiency and, ultimately, your sanity.

Daviesway is aligned with the world’s best dairy liner brands (and this includes our in-house liners). While traditionally liners have been round, greater understand and knowledge have seen changes that are potentially game-changing.

Gippsland farm manager Stuart Seabrook reported that when he changed his liner shape, his 600-cow herd’s SCC and veterinary bills for mastitis treatments dropped by around 30-40% and any over-milking was eliminated, which improved teat condition. He also noted that breaking in two-year-olds to the dairy became a non-event.

Milking liner shapes today offer some exciting solutions for cows and goats. Our stocks are rated to 2500 milkings, which is directly linked to the high quality of the materials. 


Milking Liners & Shells – Daviesway Milking Equipment Australia